Other Services

Dr. Burns, and her Associates, are committed to excellence
in offering these additional services.

Havening Techniques® for Centering and Relaxation

We hold in our hands the ability to do self-healing and to create for ourselves emotional well-being. Havening Techniques®, also known as Delta Wave Therapy is a neurosensory technique that raises the feel-good chemicals in your brain on demand. A remarkably effective technique, Havening is easy to learn and apply. It is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and emotional pain. Working with a Certified Practitioner it can eliminate the consequences of a traumatic event and PTSD. Havening is also commonly used to improve self-esteem and enhance emotional wellness.


Celebration of Life Funeral and Memorial Services

Dr. Burns and Associates pay tribute to your loved one with dignity, honor and respect. Typically, we provides services to those who call themselves spiritual rather than religious. She will customize and personalized according to your desires.

Planning a funeral in the midst of grieving can be quite overwhelming. We are committed to offering you support at this difficult time.

Whether it is a memorial, funeral, internment, cremation, or burial at sea, we provide consolation and comfort so you have the strength needed to get through this time of transition. We will guide you through – every step of the way.


Special Services

Dr. Burns has a passion for presenting Blessing and Celebration Ceremonies. From Baby Namings and Christenings to House and Business Blessings, she will create a customized ceremony for your event. She is available for Blessings of the Fleet and Celebration of Life Funeral and Memorial Services for those who call themselves spiritual rather than religious.