Second Marriages

Second Marriages

“Ceremonies and Services are an important part of our lives.
They make public what we feel in our hearts.
They declare our commitments.
They acknowledge important events with our family and friends.
They are celebrations.”
- Dr. Janine Burns

Customizing your ceremony to include your children or extended family members will generate fond memories and be a permanent reminder of the love you share. It will also make the family members feel and know that they are an integral part of your special day.  Even very young children intrinsically know something special is happening and want to be included in one way or another.

Often in a second marriage the bride chooses to be escorted down the aisle by her children.  They can also be given special responsibilities for the Wedding Celebration such as overseeing the guest book or handing out bubbles or Wedding Programs.  Children may also want to participate in the ceremony by singing a song or reading a poem or lighting a candle.

Dr. Janine Burns
Sometimes couples will give a ring, bracelet or necklace to the children and recite vows to them to commemorate the creation of their new family. Here is an example of vows spoken to your children: You would repeat after me: “I pledge to you my constant love. I promise to be there for you, to respect and support you as an important part of our family.”

I have designed a Family Sand Ceremony that will integrate your children into the ceremony no matter what their ages. The ceremony is geared for kids age six to eighteen and it can easily be modified for toddlers or adult children. It can also be done as a “Unity Candle Ceremony.”

“On very short notice, Janine was able to put together and present a beautiful exchange of vows and ceremony!  My 22 yr old son commented afterwards, “This was the best wedding I’ve ever been to.”  Very intimate! Very romantic! Very professional! Thanks again Janine.

- Kristen Harris

Dr. Janine Burns
The following is portion of the Family Sand Ceremony:  With today’s ceremony, the bride and groom are not only joining their two lives; they are embracing (Children’s names) to create a new family. We give thanks today for the love that has brought the bride and groom together and which is broad enough and deep enough and strong enough to embrace (Children’s names) as well. Would the (Children’s names) please come forward?

To be a family is to never face heartache alone. It is to freely rejoice at your blessings and to share in the joy of the blessings of others. It is to learn to relate to each other, to work out your differences, and to help each other grow and nurture each other’s individual talents and gifts.  __________ & __________ (Children’s names) you are an important part of this family and your participation will be needed to create a strong family. Just as ________ & ________ (Parent’s names) made promises to each other today, we ask that you too, make some promises to help to create a family in which all of you may grow to be the best people you can be. Do you __________ & __________ (Children’s names) promise to be helpful and loving to the members of your family and will you to be honest with each other and respect each other?

Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again in to the individual vessels, so will this family remain the combination of your individual selves. Each of you have your own uniqueness, but far more importantly, is the reality that you are joined together as one family. May your lives together be filled with love, understanding, peace, joy and respect.

“Dr. Burns did a excellent job with my daughter’s wedding service, we could not had a better ceremony, and the best part she included our granddaughter in the ceremony. We have used Dr. Burns on other family functions and she has never let us down.”

- Ritchie Buttine


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